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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not getting any tracking emails. Where are they?
Send yourself a test email using this handy tool. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders. Gmail in particular has been noted to incorrectly label Tracktor emails as spam. A few internet providers also seem to trigger Tracktor emails as spam and will delete the email before you can read it. If you think this may be the case, contact support, and we'll work with the ISP to make sure the email gets to your inbox.
Why did my Tracktor extension stop working?
Most likely there is a conflict with another browser extension you have installed. Let us know and remember to send your browser version, OS, and a list of other extensions you have installed.
Why does the price graph not accurately represent the current used price on Amazon?
This is an issue regarding third party sellers on Amazon. When you can see the text, "Sold by Some Seller and Fulfilled by Amazon." This means that there are other people who are selling the items at a number of different price points.

Due to limited and sometimes one-off inventory, we might scan an item but by the time you visited, the one item was added to a person's cart and no longer available. We're working on a better way to factor these issues, but with the constant rise of shopping activity on Amazon, it becomes increasingly difficult. This issue only appears on a few items, and items marked as "Sold by Amazon" should not exhibit this behavior.
Why are Kindle eBooks not able to be tracked at this time?
It's an Amazon limitation. Since the beginning, Amazon has not allowed programmers to scan Kindle and ebook prices.
Where are tracking emails sent from?
Tracking notices are sent from: "The Tracktor (".
How often are prices scanned?
Prices are checked constantly throughout the day. The frequency varies depending on how many items are being tracked at a given time but each item is monitored more than twice every day. Marketplace used price tracking is implemented, but success varies depending on the item -- we are limited in the information that Amazon provides but do the best we can to provide you with the most accurate price data.
Can you factor in shipping information when determine a price match?
This is a constant difficulty for us since Amazon doesn't provide easy access to shipping information. The Tracktor, when possible, tries to determine the price plus the shipping cost to make sure the total price is lower than the tracked item price before sending out an email. This will occasionally fail and we are working to improve the price accuracy in these instances. Please be assured that we do everything we can to match up our users' tracks to the shipped price.
Can I buy some of your price history data for academic purposes?
Historical price data is available at the price $0.05/week of price data/product. There is an additional $100/hour charge for our engineering team to retrieve and complile the data into your desired format. Simply send us a message with the date range and products needed and we'll get the ball rolling.
How do I close/delete my account?
You didn't answer my question here!
Thanks for checking out our FAQ first! Feel free to send us a message.